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20 bottles each 330ml

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Our tester box with 7 different kinds of beer. For everyone who wants to get a taste of the variety of beer we have to offer.

3x Helles
3x German IPA
3x Berliner Weisse
3x Pale Ale
3x Porter
3x C4PO
2x Naked

3x German IPA | Alc. 7% vol. / 50 IBU
Our brewmaster and staff’s favorite! This unfiltered India Pale Ale is brewed with three different hops from Germany, complimented with hints of toffee & caramel and coming in at a deliciously dangerous 7%.

3x Helles | Alc. 5% vol. / 25 IBU
Our interpretation of a German beer classic. With barrels full of love and only the finest German hops, this handcrafted Lager tickles the taste buds with a nice peppy aroma. A perfect sidekick for every occasion.

3x Berliner Weisse | Alc. 4% vol. / 50 IBU
Our Berlin style White is to be served ice-cold and straight up – without syrup, of course! This refreshing sour beer is the perfect companion on a hot summer’s day. Even Napoleon fancied this beer style and called it “Champagne du Nord”. For real Berliners!

3x Pale Ale | Alc. 6% vol. / 40 IBU
By far our most popular beer and winner of the 2017 World Beer Silver award.  Through “dry hopping”, a wonderfully fruity hop aroma is created – but not just a pretty face! This unfiltered beauty comes in at a very respectable 6% ABV.

3x Porter | Alc. 7% vol. / 35 IBU
Dieser untergärige Bierstil ist eine Kreuzung aus englischem Porter und russischem Imperial Stout. Unser unfiltriertes Baltic Porter erfreut mit harmonischen Karamell- und Rösta- romen. Genug Umdrehungen hat es auch. So schmeckte es schon Katharina der Großen. NSTRVJ!

3x C4PO I Alc. 7% / 60 IBU
A golden spin on two favorites – a West Coast IPA and the famous (and highly trademarked, cough) droid – our C4PO come programmed with 4 „C“ hops: Citra, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook, plus a 7% force of pine, citrus, and tropical fruits, adding a perfect combination to the dry and bitterbrew it flew in on. Thank the maker!

2x Naked I Alc. < 0,5% vol. / 40 IBU
Our proof that you can have fun without too much alcohol. A non-alcoholic pale ale for balmy summer nights. Citra, Mandarina Bavaria and Lemondrop bring forth earthy and herbal notes which perfectly balance the sweetness of our malt bill. And at only 40 IBUs, Naked is the perfect alternative to a heavy hitting IPA, but without the hangover.


39,90€ (6,05€ / liter) incl. packaging, tax and 0,08€ refund per bottle.
Refund can be returned at the general store in Germany.